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The following 370 classmates have been found:
Sal Albanese

After 11 years serving in the US Navy Beth and I came home. We live in Marysville. I work at Aviation Technical Services at Paine Field in Everett as a QC Inspector. Beth and I have two kids, Sarah is 26 yrs. old with three kids of her own. Michael is 21 and is doing well at Everett CC. The grandkids keep us busy. We love to spend time boating either in Eastern WA or the local waters around Everett and the Snohomish River...read more

Carla Landry (Aldrich)
Ray Ambsdorf
Harlen Anderson
Renee Armintrout (Anderson)
Tina Coffman (Anderson)

I didn't actually graduate with the class. I did make it through most of the Jr year, and I did graduate, but from Republic High with my mom's foot buried clear to my shoulder blades. Today I'm thinking if I had a kid like me I would have spent the last 30 years in prison. I was probably more rebellious than most and it took a few years (OK more than a few) to figure out that life wasn't just a big party...read more

Sandra Arnold
Jeff Aspnes
Katherine Badda
Kris Davis (Baker)
Ron Ball
Wally Bandoy

It has been a long time class 78. Sorry, I missed the class reunion. After high school, I worked at Phase Linear and then, Titan Corporation on 208th St (still there I think) where I became the floor foreman. I decided on a little adjustment and joined the Army in 1982 and still currently serve with over 20 years of service so far. I have been married for 16 years now to my wonderful wife, former Cynthia Evans of Miami, Florida...read more

Matthew Bautista
Martin Bayne
Debra Gauvin (Belden)
Sherry Bell
Shawn Holland (Bement)
Janet Berg
Michael Berg
Christine Palmer (Bergeron)
John Bernier
Ginger Berry (Bettys)

Wow, at one point I was on the lost list. Imagine that, I still have the same phone number I had at the 10th reunion. I did not even know about the 20th one. Maybe I really was lost since I had just graduated from college a couple years before. I guess I was a late bloomer. I had all 3 of my children by the time I hit the college scene. I had to juggle class time, kids, horses, leading a 4-H group, housework, internships, and homework in a day's time...read more

LeAnn Huber (Birt)
Donna Milliken (Blansett)
Marc Boardman
Donna Barker (Boe)
Lisa Brown (Bolton)
Tamera Boser
Mark Bowron

30 years later I can still remember Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" coming on the radio shortly after leaving for our graduation ceremony in Everett. How fitting! It played almost the whole drive up 99.

I've lived in a bunch of different states and at one time or another have crossed the country by car, plane, train, motorcycle, 18-wheeler, and bicycle. Before 1998 I did lots of bicycle tours including a couple in Norway...read more

Robert Braxton
Robert Brooks
Jeffrey Brownrigg
Christine Johnson (Brue)
Rob Bruns
Scott Brunson
Douglas Buell
Kristi Thomas (Busch)

Oh my gosh where do I begin. No, not 30 years where does the time go. As you will be able to tell I have aged through the years as we all have and also eaten well. I have been happily married for 30 years in March of 2009. Yes the quiet one. Married my best friend and this is no lie. We have been friends since I was 8 and did not see what was in front of me until 17 years of age. I did go on to college and graduated with a degree in accounting...read more

Christy Daley (Bush)
Darrell Capstin
Amy McCabe (Carlsen)
Kenneth Carlson
Bret Carlstad
Sharon Piccolo (Carpenter)
David Carstensen
Vicki Murphy (Cedergren)
Bruce Cheek
Grant Clark
Janice Gage (Cleven)

Wow. To sum up 30 years of life…. One phrase does it, "What a long, strange trip it's been!" I have two wonderful sons Kelly(28) and Stefan(25) and my beautiful daughter Samantha Rose(18). At 38 years old, I packed up my little Ford Ranger, Samantha and all of my precious things and moved to Florida. I married Jack 9 years ago and we have a nice little farm with 2 horses, 3 dogs, 3 (sometimes 4) cats, a pig, a turtle and a fish...read more

Susan Mayer (Coffey)
Willis Cole
Ava Imhoff (Collins)
Bryan Colwell
Mark Connor
Mike Connor
Julia Harrington (Coons)

Hi guys!!

It's me Julie Coons! (Now Julia Harrington) No, I no longer weight 120, but I am still lottsa fun! This picture of me was taken in a castle in Ireland, on my honeymoon this last May. I have had a few marriages that just didn't make it, but hey, ya just can't win em all!

I would like to say for the record, since my best friend Tina Anderson (Coffman) didn't, that we are still the best of friends! Sometimes I hate that because she can tell me what my next move will be! We will forever be best friends...read more

Carrie Dean (Cooper)
Kevin Cooper
Timothy Corbett
Nancy Gebhard (Cordes)
Linda Courtmanch
Rosanne Jacobson (Crabtree)
David Cray
Mark Cray
Alan Cummins
Susan Monroe (Curtis)
Dale Dahlberg
Bill Daley
Jody McGrath (Davidson)
Tim Davidson
Carrie Woeck (Davis)
Lori Foote (Davis)
Diane Lange (Dean)
Catherine Degnin
Diane Kaiser (DeMers)
Renae Jendersee (Demuth)

I am currently living on a hobby farm in Arlington, WA. My husband and myself decided to start a new adventure four years ago. Sold our home in Mill Creek and set out for the country, I still work in Lynnwood so my commute is 50 miles one way every day. My son Andrew is 29, married and blessed me with 2 grandsons Elijah (3) and Alex (3 months). My daughter Jessica is 15 and lives with my husband and myself...read more

William DePoe
Carla Van Rossum (DeValdez)
Dayna DeVore
Sandra Harden (Donald)
Donald Downhour
Walt Drechsler
Don Dreger
Deanna Duncan

I went to Santa Barbara, CA to attend school and then got hired by a company in Arlington, Virginia. After all that, I went into Real Estate instead. I really never planned to move back to the "rain" but after getting married and having my first child I wanted to be close to my family. I got relicensed here and opened a day care center also so I could spend more time with my girls. I always loved working with children and was very lucky to have great employees, allowing me a lot of flexibility...read more

Lisa Dyer
Fred Dykins
Ron Eckstrom
Donna Kohen (Elgin)
Eric Elken
Cory Elwell
Ron Englund
Barbara Ellis (Erga)
Steve Fabry
Jill Richter (Fahrnkopf)
Sherie Buretta (Fanning)
Marc Farrar
Gary Faubion
Jess Faubion
Finch Johnston (Felber)
Tim Fitzgerald
Jeffery Foote
Sandra Froelich (Ford)
Terry Huffer (Franklin)
Dennis Frazier
Alyson Powers (Fuller)

Paul and I raised our boys in Snohomish. Paul Jr. is now 26, married and lives in Marysville. Tony is 24, married and lives in Arlington. We have one Grandson, Coby! He is 9 months old and the love of my life. (Grandma's get this…Paul thinks it's weird) We have owned our foundation business since 1989 now and moved it to Chelan with us almost 3 years ago. Both of our boys work with us and we now work on both sides of the mountains...read more

Barry Fuller
Garry Fuller
David Gamez
Carol May (Garrison)
Marty Garrison
David Glanville
James Goff
Tonia Knutson (Gordon)
Jeannie Bollen (Green)
Mark Greenwalt
Shelly Sutton (Greer)
Carl Griffith

Wow the world sure has changed. But I would have to say I've had a good life. I've been married twice and divorced twice, no kids. I presently have a fiancee her name is Judy and she is great. After school I worked construction then went into the Navy for 4 years. After that it gets a little blurry. Partying a little too much. Some of the companies I have owned are:
Cool Rite Refrigeration for 24 yrs, Starlight Stables 5 yrs, Griffith Group 5 yrs, Cal Ran Corp...read more

Kyle Griffith
Lori Foster (Griglio)
David Groesbeck
Julie Johnson (Gunderson)
Gregory Halliwell
Janis Morrison (Hallock)
Lynda Janson (Hallock)
Michael Halsey
Daniel Hamre
Melody Kruse (Hansen)

Soon after graduation, I moved to Chicago where, on a blind-date, I met my husband! We got married in 1985, and lived in San Francisco for 2 years, and then suburbs of Chicago for 20ish years, and now we live near Raleigh, North Carolina. We have 2 wonderful girls; Jessie is 19 (a sophomore at NC State) and currently interning for the summer up at Univ of Virginia at the Med School ! and Sammie is 16 and having fun in high school... she also cheers, bowls, runs, and just has fun! I am a Skin Care Consultant with Mary Kay; and my husband Ed, works for John Deere... he is in the golf division, so he travels all the time!

Brian Hanson
Daniel Harbeck
Frederick Harmon
Mitchell Harrington
Jayne Evans (Harris)
Lori Hartelius
Michael Haugen
Nancy Gilmour (Hays)

It's great to read everyone's biographies and the pictures are great! Here's the Cliff Notes version of the last 30 years: I graduated from WWU with a degree in East Asian Studies and spent a year in Japan studying Japanese. I moved to Seattle, and worked in hotels, because no one else cared if I spoke Japanese unless I had a business degree. In my 20's, I traveled as much as I could, including a 2 month backpack tour of northern Europe and a visit with Kelli Trosvig in Liberia, Africa, where she was in the Peace Corps...read more

Dave Henderson
Wallace Henderson
Carole Hennessey
Laurie Roseth Darrow (Henshaw)
Craig Herrick
Bob Hill
Susan Snyder (Hill)
Tina Vaughan (Hill)
Terri Rosales (Hobson)
Lisa White (Holbrook)
Glo Freese (Hooker)
Susan Taylor (Hoppenworth)

Wow! I am not sure that I can sum up the last 30 years and not have it be a novel. After graduating I went to C.W.U. and got my B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education and a few years later my M.A. in Reading. I met my husband Adrian while at Central and we were married in 1984 (24 years ago). We have 3 kids. Trevor is 19 and is attending the Art Institute of Seattle. Troy is almost 18 and is a senior at Auburn Riverside High School...read more

Michael Horton
Michael Houle
Brad Howard
Brent Huffer
Christina Yates (Humphries)
Jeffrey Hutchinson
Michael Jackson
Leslie Jeppsen
Margaux Morales (Jesmer)
Cheryl Brooks (Johnson)
Eugene Johnson
James Johnson
Kris Denning (Johnson)
Pamela Johnson
Lisa Sunberg (Judson)
Natalie Littrell (Karlick)
Paul Keller
Michael Kelly
Susan Bailey (Kelsey)
Saul Kinderis

Saul's personal website
Saul's bicycle touring journals
Saul's Kayaking Group
Saul's travel and racing videos on YouTube

Pamela Kinion
Steve Klimek
Patty Davis (Knorr)

The best thing I took away from LHS was a "Certificate of Proficiency in Accounting". So, in order to earn this, I spent most of my high school years in the business section of the school. After high school I went to college in Iowa for 1 ½ years. In December 1979, my brother, Steve Knorr (class of 1974) was killed in Alaska and I returned home to be with my parents and put that certificate to use...read more

Cheryl Mueller (Kollmar)
Gloria Mahoney (Kollmar)
Carolyn Lis (Kresek)

I live in Frisco, Texas, with my husband, Ron, and our 7 year old son, Jonathan. I also have three grown step-children Michael (35), Dan (33) and Mary (28) from Ron's first marriage. After college in Oregon, I joined the Navy. I didn't see the world, but I did have the opportunity to live in a lot of different and fun places including London, Washington D.C., Monterey, San Diego, Chicago (Ron's hometown) and even a tour of duty in Seattle...read more

Barbara McGraner (Lang)
Joanne Larson
Shannon Denby (Larsson)
David Lawton
Lucinda Bittle (Leath)
JoAnne Van Leuven (Lee)

Dear Friends,

Have 30 years gone by? It's hard to believe. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures and looking at your pictures, you all look so good. I've been married to the same great guy, Martin, whom I met at Central Wa. University. We live on Lake Stevens now but have lived overseas for six years. We were in East Germany the night "the wall" came down and we brought an interesting souvenir (our son Kai) home from our trip to Israel.

I've owned a business in Smokey Point for 15 years and recently we have a new interest...read more

Jill Ford (Leslie)
Rusty Leslie
John Lewis
Kevin Lince
Lianne Lincoln
Tim Lively

I currently live in Spokane and work as a Lt in an area fire department, I also teach at the community college in the Fire Science division as an adjunct fire service instructor. I have 2 children a son and a daughter ages 21 & 18. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and try to make at least a couple of extended long trips a year. I wish everyone from the class a very happy and healthy life. If you ever find yourself on the dry side of the State give me a call I'm in the book. Great things about Spokane are tons of outdoor activities and no Seattle traffic.

Anne Lazar (Loftin)
Jennifer Coates (Logan)
Richard Lowes
Rene Mabeus
John Madison
Karen Camp (Magelssen)
Wanda Malta
Wendy Davidson (Mann)
Michael Mansur
Lynette Allais (Marang)
Kathy Jullian (Martin)
Leanne Rutz (Mattison)
Greg McBrady
Jim McCluskey
Michael McCormick
Erin Nishikawa (McDowell)

Brian and I were married in 1980 and live in Marysville. We have two kids, Brianna (24) and Jason (21). Brianna graduated from the University of Washington and is working in Redmond. Jason will graduate this year from Pacific University and will be working at an accounting firm in Portland. We own auto glass shops in Marysville and Lynnwood and I work for an Engineering firm in Everett...read more

Jack McDugle
Michael McGetrick
Keith McIntosh
Teresa Mee
Cheryl Messner
Teresa Herriman (Miller)
Mike Millerup
John Mock
Beverly Camenga (Moell)
Jeffrey Molenda
Tony Monfiletto
Wes Moody
Anita Potter (Moore)
Jay Moore
Jody Olson (Moran)
Robin Morehouse
Sharon Singer (Mortensen)
Natalie Scott (Mullin)
Marnie Fair (Murdock)
Joanne Diepenheim (Neubauer)
Lorna Neumann
Jeffrey Nickolson
Tim Nicodemus
Howard Nigg
Janice Nishikawa
Beth Matheny (Nixon)
Jodi Jorgensen (Noto)

I've been in Fairbanks, Alaska the past year and working at the University of Alaska as the Assistant Coordinator of Student Organizations. The last 23 years I taught high school in Mukilteo and Marysville School Districts (yes, Marketing Education/DECA for 10 of those years!). I am moving HOME on August 10th! I couldn't stand being so far away from my two amazing kids, Anna (22) and Jonathan (19), and grandchild, Colton (born November 2007) -- who is the cutest baby in the world! I'm really excited about getting back to Washington, finding a new job and home, being able to attend the reunion, and spending time with family and friends!

Kris Olsen

Shortly after we graduated I started working for the City of Lynnwood Public Works Dept. I recently began my 30th year of employment there and after 26 years in the Water and Sewer Division, I am currently the Foreman in the Street and Storm Water Maintenance Division. I have been witness to all of the immense changes Lynnwood has undergone since we were in school.

In 1986 I started operating my own part-time guiding business, Olsen’s Guide Service...read more

Darci Long (Olson)
William Olson
Vicki Strong (Onstad)
Brad Ort
Mark Padgett
Mark Patrick
Elwin Pearson
Laura Gellein (Perry)
Robin Anderson (Perry)
Andy Petersen

I never dreamed how blessed I would be in 30 years.

I was a bit of a nerd back at LHS (still am), never thought of traveling outside this great country of ours, dreamed of political aspirations, oh, and being the morning DJ on KJR.

That last part led me to a communications degree at Washington State University. I actually worked in radio for a time; although my last job in that field was in 1996 as a glorified accountant...read more

Mark Peterson
Teresa McDaniel (Phelps)
Francie Standerfer (Pinkston)
Brenda Lorenz (Ponce)
Debra Pope
Paul Powers

Alyson and I have 2 grown, married boys and one awesome grandson. I took him to his first Mariners Game in July, and I think he's hooked! I'm still running my foundation business (since 1989) and both boys are working with me. I would like to slow down and let them take over more so I can Fish, Water Ski, Ride My Harley and Snowmobile more. Alyson says retirement means "quitting a perfectly good job!", so she's hard to convince...read more

Susan Tannock (Prather)
Roy Pugsley
Brenda Crane (Pulling)
Richard Pursell
Brian Rammage
Kelli Wasser (Ransberger)
Kimberly Noyes (Rasmussen)

I have been married to Jerry, a '73 Terrace graduate for 26 years and have one daughter named Rebecca now 19 years old. We bought a house in Terrace in 1985 and adoped Becca from Korea in '89. I was a stay at home Mom for many years. Then I got bored and went back to work in 1997. I now work for the Edmonds School District as a Para-Educator. I know many will think I'm a traitor, but I work at Mountlake Terrace High School.

My home phone is: 425-778-0810
Address is:
22904 58th Ave. W
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
Hope to hear from you.

Lori Ireland (Rasmussen)
Terri Bergman (Raysbrook)
Denise Crump (Rea)
Karen Emery (Reichelt)
Kurt Reichelt
Mark Retallick
Debbie Miller (Reynolds)
Mark Riggs
Lisa Piatz (Rimbaugh)
Debi Pennington (Robbins)

In 1978 I left for basic training in Georgia and arrived in Germany in the spring of 1979, where I met and married Carl. Both of my children, Kamilyn and Joseph were born in Germany and I got out when my daughter was born. When my son was nine months old, we were transferred to Little Rock Air Force Base where my husband worked as full time army in the National Guard and I remained a stay at home mom...read more

Laura Bragg (Roberge)
Monte Roe
Chet Ross
Cheri Rodriquez (Roth)
Dean Rotter
Deena Franklin (Russell)
Bruce Ryden
Tara Ashton (Joleen Samarin)

Searching through old photographs, news clippings, report cards (groan), and old school papers proved to be a bittersweet experience.

Finding an old photo of Mike Karstetter, R.I.P., and Terry Elgin, R.I.P. & Donna, reminds me of the special people who have passed through my life and made it better. Found the unused $5 ticket for the April 24, 1976 Ted Nugent concert at the Gold Creek Dome in Woodinville - Mark Fairbanks, Jim Fick, Donna Elgin, Toni Harig, and I never made the concert because of a nasty head-on collision...read more

Rebecca Baker (SanCartier)
Kristi Mosman (Sandberg)
Howard Saxton
Brett Schimke
Eric Schindler
Jeffrey Schlieman
Laura Campbell (Schmuland)
Connie Frisinger (Scott)
Debra Scott
Stephen Scott
Alice Weigel (Seek)
Jeffery Seely
Diana Chism (Seglins)
Steve Seidel
Paul Shager
Kathy Rainey (Shankweiler)
Jerome Shearer
Michael Shearer
Karen Shipley
Brian Shipman
John Sigler
Kerri McKibben (Silsbee)
Cody Sims
Anita Fick (Skinner)
Alan Smith
Deana Cavanaugh (Smith)
Jeff Smith
Jim Smith
Wendell Smith
Daniel Stamaris

I will not be able to attend the reunion, but I just want to let everyone know I (we) are doing well down here in Alabama and wish all the best to all the class of `78.

May God bless and keep you all.


Born: September 13, 1959   Puyallup, WA

Family: Wife: Heather (Just celebrated our tenth anniversary in November 07.)
Children: Amber 13, Aaron 8, and Abigail 6.

Graduated: Lynnwood High School, Lynnwood, WA 1978

General Aviation Technologies Diploma, Alabama Aviation & Technical College, Ozark, AL...read more

Brent Standerfer
Rand Stansberry
Douglas Stave
Mark Stearns
Eric Stensland
Jon Stevenson

hey class of 78, it's been a busy 30 years, worked as a Dental tech. for over 25 years, owned my own Dental lab for 15 years and decided to try something else at 45. It's nice to work for someone else. I'm now a geo-tech working at Associated Earth Sciences. I've been married to Barb Smith (LHS class of 79) 25 years on Oct. 1st this year. We have 2 boys, Jordan 20 and Nate 18, both are graduated from HS and living at home in Clearview...read more

Wendy Kelley (Stiles)
Jerry Stolp
Gerald Stovall
Stan Strand
Joseph Strasburg
Tina O`Donnell (Stuckle)
Susan McCluskey (Sturgis)
Pasquana Flowers (Suzuki)
Connie Wyrick (Tangen)
Janet Wade (Tanner)
Freddie Tapuro
Guy Taylor
Sherry Marques (Taylor)
Trent Teeters
Dennis Telquist
Craig Thomas

Leanne and I were married in 1994. We recently moved to Seattle -- 24 years after I moved out of state. I now teach environmental policy and management at the UW. Leanne teaches math at Seattle University. We have two young children, Ellie (6) and Owen (2). It took awhile for us to settle down and raise kids, but we're having enormous fun with them. I can't believe I'll be 63 when my youngest graduates from high school.

David Thomas
Kent Thomas
Dan Thomason
Pam Monfiletto (Titus)
Gregory Toler
Ann Torrence
Michele Torrey
Kelli Trosvig
Douglas Usher
Jeffrey Vaders
Kelly Valentine
Dawn Bachler (Vandenheuvel)
Raedean Tibbetts (Vann)
Randy Vires
Marc Vonsovic
Kelly Molenda (Waddell)
David Walker
Skip Walton

30 years! Seems like a lifetime ago. High School was something I just had to get through at the time on my way to other things, so I didn't spend much time making memories back then. Wish now I'd got to know a lot of you better. Sorry I won't be able to attend the reunion.

After graduation from LHS I spent six years earning a four year degree in Recreation and Camp Administration...read more

Chris Ward

Since high school I have lived in many different states in the country. I have my own home theater business and have been working for myself since 1984. I now live in Avondale Arizona near Phoenix. I have been here for the last 2 years. I did try to go back home and live there for 3 years in Snohomish, but my California native wife could not stand the weather so we moved to Arizona. We love it here, and NO IT'S NOT TOO HOT! We have no children and like it that way...read more

Rita Richard (Ward)
Julie Warrington
Patricia Conner (Werth)
Darrell West
Linda Hovde (West)
Alan Westerlund
Gary Westerman
Gregory Westerman
William White
Chip Wiegand
Darrell Wigdahl
Richard Wilkens
Cindy Christensen (Wilmot)
James Winde
David Winquist
Carol Owens (Wionowsky)
Nancy Wojack
Marie Gandee (Wood)
William Wood
Gearl Woods
Dan Woolett
Kerrie Wieting (Wright)
Jon Wyrick
Michael Yeaton
Emily Hardy (Young)
Dan Zachary
Michael Zerr
Steven Zilkey
Dawn Foster (Zrust)
Thomas Zrust
These 80 classmates have not been found.
Cindy Allen
Jonni Anderson
Frieda Baker
Susan Balazs
Barbara Bly
David Brown
Karin Henderson (Carlson)
Mary Goff (Causer)
Jami Cecsarini
Harvey Chase
Linda Collins
Helen Conn
Peter Davidsen
Christopher Erickson
Jennifer Getty
Kimberly Godelsen
Carla Hamilton
Barbara Fortier (Hansen)
Toni Harig
Cathy Hart
Curtis Harvey
Rick Henderson
Paul Hennings
Patty Humphrey
Kim Hydahl
Lynda Johnson
Mark Johnson
Michael Kerby
Gary Kimmel
Terry Lamb
Pamela Long
Jon Lundberg
Janet Mathiasen
Edward Mathieson
Sylvia McCombs
Orrin McLeod
Kelly McNeil
Joe Meligan
Deedee Wyngaert (Miller)
Diana Miller
Jim Mitchell
Laurine Mitchell
Billie Morgan
Tina Murdock
Mara Murphy
Karen Nielsen
Patrick O`Neil
Shari Baird (Ormbrek)
Penny Jorgensen (Ortega)
Richard Peterson
Patty Pfeiffer
Carol Bracenos (Pollock)
Kim Reardon
James Richie
Ben Robinson
James Rodgers
Lisa Romines
Lance Safford
Randy Sage
Cindy Schurr
Tonya Wilson (Scott)
Patty Armstrong (Sellers-Blair)
Cathy Shearn
Patrick Sibley
Steven Simpier
Valerie Smith
Robin Swims
Rona Swims
Kimberly Thomas
Susi Thompson
Lorentina Tosi
Aino Vohlonen
Michelle Wamsley
Marne Watkins
Kurt Webster
Kim Wheeler
Curtis Wilson
Tina Windom
Jill Woody
Alfred Yared
The following 26 classmates have passed away:
Name Year and cause of death
Chuck Pence May 4 2014, complications from fall after long illness
Craig Herrick May 2 2014, cancer
Karen McCollum (Shipley) Mar 4 2013, following a year of health problems
Andy Holtorf Sep 14 2012, emphysema/pneumonia
George Gaines Oct 11 2011, cause unpublished
Cheri Harding (White) Oct 20 2010, cancer
Brigitte Bisset-Kelley (Barrett) Aug 19 2010, brain cancer
Glo Freese (Hooker) Apr 25 2010, cancer
Julie Howell Feb 2 2010, drowned in hot tub
Elwin Pearson Mar 3 2009, cancer
Dave Thomas Dec 27 2008, cause unpublished
Ron Cozzens Dec 17 2008, cause unpublished
Vic Kumma Dec 10 2008, cancer
Mike Millerup Jun 14 2008, cancer
Glenn (Guy) Anderson Nov 26 2007, ALS
David Draisey Jan 23 2007, cause unpublished
Andrew Nesbitt Sep 10 2004, cause unpublished
Sara Impola Jun 16 1999, cause unpublished
Richard Perkins Sep 16 1998, cancer
Teresa Lounsberry Aug 2 1996, cause unpublished
Dorothy Daggett (Wilbourne) June 1984, killed by drunk driver
Judy Licano Mar 4 1977, car accident
Caroline Jones 1977, leukemia
Virginia Jones 1977, car accident
Linda Schroeder 1977, car accident
Michael Putnam 1977, fell into ravine on hunting trip