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Monday 5/3/2010, Bismarck, ND

Earlier today a pheasant flew into the windshield of this truck about 20 miles west of Bismarck on I-94. I think the bird must have slid down the hood on its own, to the bug shield first, then got caught on the mirror post. Forgot to ask the driver. I don't think he would have picked the bird up off the ground and hung it there like that.

In 1996 a big bird flew into the windshield of the truck I was driving, late at night near downtown Boston. The glass didn't shatter as much as on this truck, but there was a long crack from top to bottom. I saw the bird try to pull away at the last second before it hit. It might have been an owl. Another time, during the day on a city street in Ohio, a hawk flew into my windshield and put a big crack in it. Those are the only times my windshield has ever been broken by birds.

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