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Friday 1/22/2010, Monroe, MI

Glad to be back in the United States after going into Canada. Used to kind of like taking loads up there - not anymore.

Once again the Canadian border guard was annoyingly inquisitive, asking questions like "Besides your personal clothing and the load you're hauling, what else are you bringing into Canada?" I just sat there dumbfounded, wondering if she really wanted me to verbally announce the 500 or so items I carry with me in the truck. Finally, after a long pause where I said nothing, she started asking the usual "are you carrying any firearms?" and so on. Then a little later she asked what's on my computer (my laptop is situated on the passenger seat). Again I just sat there wondering what in the world she wanted me to say. After another fairly long pause I finally said "well, let's see, lots of computer files - actually everything on there is a computer file. There's my music collection, and, um, lots of math problems - just lots of computer files."

Right before finally letting me into her country (indeed, she acted like she owned it!), she went into this little spiel about how if after I do my delivery I "go pick up another load in Canada, then deliver that load somewhere else in Canada, and get caught doing so, I'll never be allowed back into the country again." I politely thanked her for letting me know, then went on my way.

Marten pretty much always has us go back to the U.S. with an empty trailer. Almost never pick up a load in Canada. Of course, it never delivers in Canada anytime I do.

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