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Sunday 11-15-09, Goffs, CA

Pretty close to Ontario now. This load wasn't loaded according to California's weight restrictions, so I either have to risk being stopped at the weigh station on I-15 just north of Ontario, or take a lengthy detour up through the mountains that has some real steep and tight switchbacks - multiple warning signs say "trucks not advised" as you approach the mountains. I went this way once and barely got through one switchback in particular. The truck actually came to a stop in the middle of it, so I had to back up about 10-15 feet and take a second run at it to get through.

Since the weigh station is rarely open on Sunday I'll risk that instead of the detour. But they can force you to go in the trailer and shift freight by hand from the rear to the nose, a far worse predicament than taking the detour, so it's a bit of a gamble. The load was picked up by a different driver. I never would have left the shipper with the trailer loaded so poorly. Shippers have to load trailers legally - if they don't, our company requires them to pull the freight off and reload it with the weight distributed legally.

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