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Thursday 5-14-09, Bonney Lake, WA

The tree in the foreground on the right is where I chained my bicycle nearly three months ago, right before driving down to Laughlin. It wasn't there when I came back today, so someone discovered it and took it. That's okay, I got good use out of that bicycle. I purchased it nearly 12 years ago for my cross-country trip. Took the seat with me but left the custom handlebars on, unfortunately. Those handlebars are hard to find. A shop special ordered them when I was living in Las Vegas in 2000.

When I chained the bike to the tree the "road" to the right of the tree wasn't as cleared as it is now. I wonder why the property owner is making these road-trails in the woods behind our trailer yard. Whoever was driving the tractor is probably the person who found it. Hadn't gotten much use out of the bike for years. Glad I got to ride it some during my stay in Seattle.

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