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1-10-09 Seattle, WA

There hasn't been much blue sky like this for awhile in Seattle. I shot this photo about a month ago. It's the house near Green Lake I shared with four others, mostly students, for nearly two years during 1980-82 while attending the UW. The window on the upper floor is where my room was. It faces west. It was possible to view the top of Phinney Ridge through it, just barely, over the roof of the house next door. This was pretty much the first place I lived after moving out of my parents' house.

Shared houses were generally not very fun, but the group we had there for the first six months of my stay got along really well. Every now and then we'd go out and do fun things together like watch a movie, go bowling, or walk around Green Lake. We had a good time!

It seems like yesterday.

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