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11-26-08 Galesburg, MI

This photo was shot at a rest area on I-94 near Kalamazoo, Michigan.

For the third load in a row last night, problems arose at the administrative level that left me sitting for hours somewhere, except this time I could have done things differently myself (specifically, not gone to the border without first verifying all the administrative work was done).

The location this time was the U.S. Customs office in Detroit. Thankfully the story ended on a high note: at close to midnight I lucked into dealing with a customs officer with integrity. After asking me several questions about my load and how familiar I was with the new processing system put in place last year for loads coming into the U.S. from Canada (this was my first such load under that system), he took it upon himself to stamp my paperwork good to go even though Marten hadn't yet submitted all the necessary documents, saying "just make sure it gets done." What a guy!

(photo can be zoomed by clicking)