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Wow, at one point I was on the lost list. Imagine that, I still have the same phone number I had at the 10th reunion. I did not even know about the 20th one. Maybe I really was lost since I had just graduated from college a couple years before. I guess I was a late bloomer. I had all 3 of my children by the time I hit the college scene. I had to juggle class time, kids, horses, leading a 4-H group, housework, internships, and homework in a day's time. I thought it was hard in high school with homework and a boyfriend.

I know I probably told some of you that I wanted 1/2 dozen kids but it did not work out that way. I had just 3. Nicolas is 27, is married with no kids, graduated from the UW, and lives in Greenwood. Amber is 23, has a fiance and 2 step kids, an Ed Thornton certified horse trainer, and lives in Maple Falls (almost Canada). Kristopher is 17, just graduated from high school with 2 years of running start, and will be attending UW in the fall. I have been with Mike for 6 years. I have 4 step children, Lisa, Tom, Sarah, and Shane, and a foster daughter, Brandy.

I am a 1996 graduate from The Evergreen State College. My educational focus was environmental stream restoration and cultural studies specifically Native American. Yes, I have hugged a tree a time or two but I also have stripped the bark off of a few cedar trees to make shades for the longhouse at TESC. I have monitored water quality on the Chehalis, Satsop, Humptulips, and Wynoochee Rivers. My Internships involved working with many groups to help restore the Nisqually River and tributaries. It is absolutely breath taking to hold salmon eggs that have already developed their eyes and gently place them in tubes and into the creek. But the real reward is watching the salmon come back up stream in the following years.

To my heartbreak, I can not do the physical work anymore because I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, and have had recent major surgery on my shoulder. Unfortunately, the abuse this body has tolerated is now catching up to me. I hope I will be out of my sling by the time the reunion rolls around. For those of you who prefer prayer over hope, you may pray.

Hmmm...since high school...that is a long time. Right after school, I went to Arizona. I met some people there and we all went to Ohio. I was there for about a year just working and hitchhiking around. I know...it was so dangerous, but if I was going to be stupid, I am glad that it was then and not now. When I returned to WA I got to know my biological father and his family. His mother turned out to be my most favorite person in my life. She has since passed away. My bio-father is in a wheelchair and now lives in my home.

I moved to Rochester, WA in 1987. We now have 2 traffic lights. Mike owns the Napa Auto Parts store in downtown Rochester. We have recently traded in the 40 acre farm for 1 1/2 acres with a winter creek. We really enjoy it because of all the oak trees and privacy. I am a country girl to the core. I dread going to the city even for a class reunion, but I guess I will be there because Renae and Kim would not take "NO" for an answer. They bought me a ticket.

Hope to see you all there. E-mail me if you would like it would be nice to hear from you. moemoh@yahoo.com