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Andy Petersen

2008 BIO
I never dreamed how blessed I would be in 30 years.

I was a bit of a nerd back at LHS (still am), never thought of traveling outside this great country of ours, dreamed of political aspirations, oh, and being the morning DJ on KJR.

That last part led me to a communications degree at Washington State University. I actually worked in radio for a time; although my last job in that field was in 1996 as a glorified accountant. I searched for something that would use my skills better and ended up as a fundraiser for an international faith-based relief and development organization based in Seattle. As a result I have been blessed by visiting 17 countries around the world (and have had the privilege of getting sick on three of four continents!). After getting laid off from that position in 2003, I have continued my career as a fundraiser for various non-profits. I ran a streak of choosing employers poorly, to the point where I considered doing something else. Currently, I started working with an organization in September called HCJB Global, a world-wide Christian radio ministry, based in Colorado Springs.

In addition to my "day job", I've been connecting with documentary producers and others who work in the video field. I have dabbled in video and I'm working towards fulfilling my love of making videos with a purpose -- to help non-profits tell their stories through powerful video. In 2007, I developed a video project for a ministry in Everett. Once life settles down, I will revitalize my ASKM Productions biz and website.

What defines who I am, though, is my family. I met my wife in 1995 at Crista Ministries in Shoreline; she was a teacher at King's Elementary and I was the business manager at KCMS/KCIS. To borrow the title of the VanHalen song, you could say I was "Hot for Teacher". We married in 1996. Shellie has been, and continues to be, a wonderful wife, a solid friend, a rock through rough times. God has blessed me beyond words. We have two beautiful children; Kendall just turned seven and Mark will be four. Life revolves around them and I'm perfectly fine with that! I never thought I would have such a young family at 47 years old!

We finally sold our house in Everett and moved to Colorado Springs in February -- the first time in 21 years that I have not lived in the Northwest. While I have many reasons to miss it back there, Colorado is absolutely beautiful. I think I've lost my webbed feet and dried out. If you are ever in the area, please let me know; it would be great to see you.

Unfortunately for me, I don't think I will be able to make the reunion this year, so I'm hoping there is a lot of pix and vids of everyone having a great time.

Many Blessings!